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Our Story

StratusX was born out of frustration. 

  • The frustration of travelling and of not being able to get a good connection, and of failed attempts to make and receive calls

  • The frustration of not knowing how secure our data was when we used a shared router in a hotel or an airport or a coffee shop

  • The frustration of not being in control of the network we connected to, and of the bills we received


We then stopped travelling and started working from home.  Our frustration increased when we struggled to maintain full productivity out of the office.

  • Home connections were weak or slow because we were sharing the household router with the whole family

  • The home and shared public routers we were using were unsecure and increased the risk of cyberattack on our data and network

  • VPN connections to the office were complicated to use, hard to establish or dropped because of misconfigured routers or by safeguards put in place to control and secure the network


We knew what we needed

  • Instant connectivity and ease-of-access from anywhere

  • The same security we take for granted in the office, no matter where we are connecting from

  • Simplicity of use to minimise error and effort


We needed the corporate WAN to extend to us, the ability to take it anywhere.
The solution had to be wireless and it had to work on any mobile network.


So, we built it ourselves.


We created a technology stack with a personal mobile router that allows users to connect from anywhere in the world. Our technology allows the corporate IT team to provision, monitor, manage, secure and update the device - remotely, and in real time.


For employees working from anywhere, businesses needing “out-of-the-box” instant connectivity, or remote monitoring and control for the internet of things, we are ready.


Our solution, successfully installed with clients, offers enhanced connectivity, security and control to business and industry, critical infrastructure, security organisations, government institutions, and others.

We hope you can join us on our journey to continue to remove the risks and frustrations of remote working, poor connectivity, and cyberattack.

Our Story

To give users and businesses frictionless and secure mobile network data connectivity


The privacy, security and the flow of data is the lifeblood of business and the digital society. And our connected world must be one in which the choice and control of how data (and the data entrusted to us) is transmitted and received is always with its owners.


  • We want to give maximum connectivity, security, control - wherever people working, businesses are located, or devices are placed, and however they are connected.

  • We want to help organisations and users to have optimum flexibility and maximum connectivity.

  • We want every organisation to have access to personalized services and coverage, plus full control of the entire network from a single point.

  • We want to empower IT departments to make dynamic adjustments to their access and connectivity, in real-time, to ensure users and devices stay connected, productive and safe.

  • We want to give our clients the tools and services that enable them to build Wireless WANs independent of mobile operators.  


Our vision allows organisations to build and optimize large scale, mobile operator independent, global deployments of people and resources, whilst always giving the IT departments control of users, the network and security, providing services flexibly and on its terms.

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Our Vision

Our Vision
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Our Team

Our team brings together a rich mix of talent and experience, including former members of specialist defence cyber units, IT professionals, data engineers and telecoms and internet industry executives. 

Our people are passionate about linking people, organizations and things. We create simpler, more reliable and more secure methods for reliable data sharing and connectivity. We are orthogonal thinkers and obsessive engineers, always looking for better ways to get things done.

We’re headquartered in the USA with our innovation and engineering team in Israel. We all strongly believe that innovation and dynamic thinking are essential to adapt to the constantly changing technological and corporate environments. Our entire team works hard to keep our clients secure, productive, and up to date.

Our team
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