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Ground-breaking solution enabling companies to wirelessly connect people, devices & things. 

Worldwide connectivity, always on the strongest available network

For work from anywhere, to  “out-of-the-box” instant-on connectivity, or remote monitoring and control for the Internet of Things - StratusX provides connectivity on your terms.

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Seamless connectivity
from the Edge, under control, and made simple.

StratusX Solutions provide corporate IT teams with fully



, private and seamless

 to the

internet and office infrastructure, from any location worldwide.


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Our Technology

Remote Access & Business Continuity

Seamless Zero Trust Connectivity

Identity Management

Prevention First, at The Edge

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All Carriers. Personal, Global, Mobile

Day-1 Connection Plus Failover & Connectivity Assurance

Centralized Remote Provisioning & Configuration

Real-Time Monitoring & Configuration

Complete Carrier Independence

Discover what StratusX can
do for you... 

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For Networking

Corporate WFH / WFX

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to find out more

Remote Access & Unconnected Locations

Distributed & Remote Call Centers

Globally Mobile


Compliance &

Risk Management

Mobile & Pop-up Stores, Branches & Kiosks


For Business

Banks & Financial Institutions

Universities & Education

Professional Service, Accounting & Legal

Travel & Tourism

Critical Infrastructure


Internet of Things


Our Solutions

Let StratusX help your team
Work From Anywhere

                               ,                      , and                    , wherever people work,

businesses are located, devices are placed, and however they are

connected - Work From Anywhere with StratusX

Superior, Live
24/7 Personalized Customer Support

At StratusX we pride ourselves on our superior levels of technical support. We offer 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, bot-free, personalized care to ensure problems are resolved in real time.

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Keep your IP and corporate infrastructure safe.
With StratusX routers, you can provision, monitor,

, and update the device remotely,

and in real time.   

Protecting your IP and corporate infrastructure

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Discover what StratusX can do for you. 

Apply for a trial today.

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